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Preschool institutions (at the end of the year) 
General educational institutions (at the beginning of the school year)
Special secondary, professional educational institutions (at the beginning of the school year)
Higher Educational Institutions (at the beginning of the school year)



Information-resource and information-library centers (at the end of the year)
Theaters (at the end of the year)
Museums (at the end of the year)
Release of printed publications (in a year)
Sanatorium-and-spa institutions and organizations of rest


Main health indicators (to the end of the year)
Morbidity of the population by infectious and parasitic diseases (Number of diseases, thousand)


Number of registered crimes
Composition of perpetrators of crimes (as a percentage of the total)


Scientific-research and experimental-design development by types of scientific works 


Number of employees engaged in research and development (at the end of the year; thousand people)
Innovative activity of enterprises and organizations


Organizations engaged in tourism activities

Standard of living

Basic indicators of pensions (at the end of year)
The average size of the assigned monthly pension to pensioners by regions (at the end of year; thousand soums)
Number of persons receiving pensions and social benefits by region (at the end of year)
Stationary social services for the elderly and disabled (at the end of year)
Child's home (at the end of year)
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