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January-September 2017

In January-September 2017 according to the preliminary data the volume of gross domestic product (GDP) of the Republic of Uzbekistan amounted to170 074,8 billion soums at current prices. In comparison with January-September 2016 its growth rate was 105,3 percent.

Growth rates of GDP by kinds of economic activities in January-September are characterized by the following data (as percent of corresponding period of previous year):

The main factors of GDP growth were the growth rates of the main sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, forestry and fishing – 103,5 percent (the share in GDP structure – 16,9 percent), industry – 104,1 percent (25,0 percent), construction – 105,3 percent (7,4 percent), trade and accommodation and food service activity – 106,5 percent (11,6 percent), transportation and storage, information and communication – 107,3 percent (13,1 percent), and other service activities – 106,0 percent (26,0 percent).

Branch structure of GDP in January-September is characterized by the following data (as percent of total):

In January-September 2017 the share of services in the GDP structure was 50,7 percent or 0,6 percentage points lower than in January-September 2016 (51,3 percent). The share of transportation and storage, information and communication decreased by 0,6 percentage points and was 13,1 percent in the reporting period. The share of trade, accommodation and food service activities increased by 0,5 percentage points and was 11,6 percent and that of other service activities decreased from 26,5 percent in January-September 2016 to 26,0 percent in January-September 2017.

In the GDP structure by form of ownership the share of the non-state sector is 80,3 percent and that of the state sector – 19,7 percent.

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