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Acceleration of the restructuring processes, technical and technological renovation of the production capacities of the republic's enterprises in JanuarySeptember 2017 ensured the growth of industrial production by 5.6%, labor productivity by 3.9% against the same period last year. The volume of industrial production amounted to more than 99 trillion. sum.

In the structure of industrial production, the largest share belongs to manufacturing enterprises - 79.0 percent. At the same time, the mining industry and quarrying enterprises made an appropriate contribution to the growth of industrial production (the growth rate by 9 months of 2016-108.4%, the share in the total production volume-11.7%).




A significant contribution to the growth of industrial output was made by enterprises producing, repairing, installing machinery and equipment, producing motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, and other finished metal products, the share of which in the total volume of the republic exceeded 12%, the growth rate by 9 months of 2016 was 139 , 2%.

The high growth of production by the same period of the previous year is marked by such activities as: printing and reproduction of recorded materials (growth rate of 134.8% by January-September 2016), production of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations (117.3%), production of coal, lignite, oil and natural gas (112.3%), production of other non-metallic mineral products (108.0%).


The growth rates of industry by region in January-September 2017
(in% to the corresponding period of the previous year)

Implementation of measures to improve industrial potential of the territories contributed to increased production products in the regions of the republic.

In the structure of output of industrial products The largest share in the republic is in the enterprises of Tashkent (19.2% of the total volume), Tashkent (14.9 percent), Navoi (9.4 percent), Andizhan (9.2 percent), Kashkadarya (7.8 percent) regions.


The share of regions in the total volume of industrial production of the republic for January-September of 2017, in percent

Significant contribution to the total volume of industry was made by small business entities, specific weight produced by them was 41.2%.

Expansion of the assortment and promotion of output finished products reflected in increased production consumer goods compared to January-September 2016 (105.0 percent), the share of which in the industrial sector amounted to 41.5 percent compared to 39.8 percent in the same period in 2016.


Volume and growth rates of consumer goods production January-September 2017


Structure of production of consumer goods

Analysis of the differentiation of industrial production per capita shows a significant excess of the average republican index (3,065.4 thousand sums) in Navoi region, Tashkent city, Tashkent region.


Average per capita output of industrial products and consumer goods by region in January-September 2017. in thounds of sums

The development of the industrial potential of the republic was significantly influenced by local enterprises (excluding enterprises with a predominant share of the state), whose output amounted to 52.8 trillion sums (53.3 percent of the volume of industry), the growth rate to the same period last year - 103.9 percent.

In the volume of output of these enterprises, the greatest share in the republic is accounted for by enterprises in Tashkent, Tashkent, and Samarkand regions. The highest growth rates were achieved in Tashkent (110.0 percent), Andizhan (107.6 percent), Fergana (106.6 percent).


The share of production of local enterprises and enterprises with a predominant share of the state in the total volume of industry in January-September of 2017
(in% to the corresponding period of the previous year)


At present, there are more than 48 thousand industrial enterprises in the republic, including 8.3 thousand enterprises newly established in January-September 2017, of which: in Tashkent 2,1 thousand enterprises, in Fergana province 926 enterprises, in Tashkent 831 enterprises, Samarkand 753 enterprises, more than 600 enterprises in Namangan and Andijan regions, more than 300 enterprises in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Bukhara, Jizzakh, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya and Khorezm regions, more than 200 enterprises in Navoi region and more than 150 enterprises yaty in Syrdarya region.


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