27 November 2019

On November 27, 2019, the international seminar on the subject: “Census in the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States: 2020 round” was held in the capital's “Miran International Hotel”.

The event was attended by leading census specialists from the national statistical services of the CIS member states, the CIS Statistical Committee led by the Chairperson, Mr. Vladimir Sokolin, UNFPA representatives led by the Regional Director, Ms. Alanna Armitage, UNECE, other international organizations and international experts.

As noted at the event, in accordance with the UN resolution in June 2015, the UN announced a round of 2020 censuses. In its support, the Council of CIS Heads of State adopted a decision on population censuses in the Commonwealth region (September 2016, Bishkek). To date, all CIS countries have corresponding census decisions. In February 2019, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan announced by decree that in 2022 the first in the modern history of the country universal census was held.

The CIS Interstate Statistical Committee (CIS Statistical Committee) together with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Goskomstat of the Republic of Uzbekistan) will organize a meeting on censuses of the 2020 round in the Commonwealth region. Key topics for discussion: the first results of population censuses already conducted in October 2019 in Azerbaijan and Belarus; progress in preparing for census companies in other CIS member states; the capabilities of the census information resource for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals. One of the main issues on the agenda of the meeting is preparation for the census of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

One of the main issues on the agenda of this international event is the preparation for the census process of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The meeting provided detailed information on ongoing work on the census of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2022. Heads and experts of several ministries and departments, including the ministries of economy and industry, employment and labor relations, researchers from leading scientific centers of the country, and heads of the central apparatus of the State Committee on Statistics and territorial statistical offices also spoke.

The historical significance of the 2020 round for countries and the CIS region as a whole is determined by the following key points:

for the first time in the last 30 years censuses will be held in all CIS member states;

For the first time, a list of indicators, wording of questions and methodological instructions for filling them out was agreed with the statistical services of the CIS countries for inclusion in the national census programs. This will make it possible to obtain comparable information on the volumes and flows of migration and assess the total labor force of the Commonwealth countries, which is important given the active population movements within the CIS region;

technical methods of obtaining information from the population are expanding and different census methods are combined. Widespread use of modern means of information and communication technologies and digital methods of collecting information, including the use of electronic maps, electronic questionnaires, the Internet, in addition, administrative data sources will be used.

The meeting will allow experts from the statistical services of the Commonwealth countries, experts to exchange national experience and practice, and will contribute to strengthening the statistical potential of the CIS member states. 


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