14 November 2019

On November 14, 2019, a seminar on the project “National strategy for statistics development-2020-2025” was held in the conference hall “Grand Ball Room” of the City Palace hotel with the support of the State Committee on statistics and the group of experts of the world Bank. The seminar was attended by the leadership of the State Committee on statistics and staff of the Central office, experts of the world Bank, representatives of ministries and departments, as well as media staff.

Chairman of the state statistics Committee Begalov Bahodir Abdusalomovich opened the international event with an introductory speech and spoke in detail about the project "national strategy for the development of statistics for 2020-2025".

Also present at the seminar and expressed their views on this topic, the Head of the world Bank mission in Uzbekistan Hideki Mori, senior economist / statistician, head of the world Bank NSDC project Mustafa Dinch, economist of the UN Mission in Uzbekistan Z. Dzhumaev, as well as other international experts, representatives of ministries and departments. At this event, the project “national strategy for the development of statistics”was described in detail.

As noted at the workshop in international practice in many countries, with world Bank assistance have been developed “Strategy of development of national statistics”, which is a strategic document that includes directions for the development of all developers for national statistics, implementation of medium-term reforms that affect both organizational and institutional development of the national statistical system of the country.

This multi-year strategic document reflects the need for both internal and external customers of statistical information.

The process of preparation of the national strategy includes a detailed assessment of the national statistical system, which will result in a clear strategy for further development with the definition of goals and objectives for the medium term, as well as an action plan for its effective implementation.

The adoption of the strategy will contribute to the development of national statistics in close relationship with long-term programs of socio-economic development of the country, increase the level of openness and transparency of the activities of producers of statistics. Political decision-making will create a qualitative and reliable information basis for the systematic integration of the National statistical system into the world statistical space.

In turn, the national strategy allows to allocate material and financial resources of the Republic in advance and rationally. In addition, it will enable international investors and donors to effectively plan technical support for the development of the country's national statistical system. It was noted at the seminar that in addition to the activities of the State statistics Committee, the "national strategy for the development of statistics" covers the statistical activities of all national statisticians.

The development and implementation of the strategy, institutional and structural development of national statistics fully reflect the socio-economic development of the Republic in international information resources and strengthen the position of Uzbekistan in various international rankings. In particular, the world Bank's statistical performance Index lays the Foundation for Uzbekistan's promotion to high positions. The adoption of the "National strategy for the development of statistics" develops national statistics in inseparable connection with its long-term programs of socio-economic development of the country.

Adaptation of the national statistical percentage of developers to international standards, increasing the level of openness and transparency will also be achieved. Contributes to the systematic integration of national statistics into the world statistical world.

At the end of the seminar, the staff of the State Committee on statistics and international experts provided detailed answers to the questions of the participants.

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