06 November 2019

On November 6, 2019, the state Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on statistics held a seminar on "Important socio-psychological communication mechanisms". The seminar was attended by employees of the Central office of Goskomstat.

Professor of the Department of social Sciences and psychology, legal ethics, candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor Nurmat Abdusamatovich Soginov spoke at the seminar.

Nurmat Soginov, expressing his opinion on the matter, highlighted the important socio-psychological mechanisms of communication – belief, imitation, reading. Persuasion is the process of rationalizing an opinion or conclusion. Persuasion implies such a change of consciousness of the interlocutor or listener that it generates a willingness to defend and act in accordance with this opinion. Persuasion is a way of influencing a person or group that affects both the mental and emotional spheres of the individual.

The meeting also discussed the importance of interaction in the organization, interpersonal and intergroup relations in the process of treatment.

At the end of the event, questions and answers on the topic were organized. Normal Saginaw answered the questions of the participants.

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