21 August 2019

In order to ensure timely and full implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On additional measures to ensure transparency and openness of state administration and the statistical potential of the country” dated August 17, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers signed Decree No. 686 “On measures to organize the activities of the Institute for Advanced Studies of Personnel and Statistical Research at the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics.”
This decision consists of 13 points, which cover the quality of the reorganization of the institute in accordance with the requirements of the time. Despite the fact that the staffing table does not contain any changes in the functional duties of professors, teachers and researchers, in the new conditions they should be radically revised. It should be noted that in the structure of the institute some departments lagging behind the requirements of the time were liquidated and replacement is planned for those that meet international standards. In particular, a Group was established on the introduction of distance learning to promote intensive training of staff and the efficient use of financial resources for staff development. In addition, a department of international and public relations was created to facilitate the provision of the entire statistical system of the Republic with international news in the field of statistics. The creation of this department will expand the possibilities of providing international statistical news to statistical institutions and the entire statistical system of Uzbekistan.
In order to study and analyze not only foreign experience, but also to inform about innovations and scientific achievements of our country, the Institute plans to create the first electronic scientific journal “Statistical Bulletin of Uzbekistan”. In addition, it is planned to start the work of the Academic Council on awarding the academic degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the specialties 08.00.06 “Econometrics and Statistics” and 08.00.14 “Information Systems and Technologies in Economics” from October 1 of this year "And since 2020. - to carry out the preparation of basic doctoral and doctoral studies in the direction of "Econometrics and Statistics" and - "Information systems and technologies in the economy."
In a word, the signed Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan will contribute to the accelerated development of statistics and socio-economic development in a more coordinated manner with time.

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