13 July 2019

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By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 31, 2017 No. 3165 “On measures to improve the activities of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics”, as well as in the Message of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the most important priority development tasks of the country for 2019, the statistical authorities entrusted  a number of responsible tasks.

Based on this, today State Committee on Statistics is taking the necessary measures to improve the methodology for generating statistical indicators  in accordance with international standards, ensuring the completeness of reporting data, allowing an objective assessment of the level of development of economic sectors, as well as bringing calculations of macroeconomic indicators, in particular GDP, into line with the System National Accounts - 2008.

As previously reported, in connection with the revision of methodological approaches, in January 2019 the State Committee on Statistics carried out a large-scale revision of GDP for 2017, which mainly affected the agricultural sector. This is due to the fact that in calculating the volume of agricultural output over the course of a number of years, prices for agricultural products were used significantly lower than the market ones.

To solve this problem, the average annual prices for agricultural products were revised and brought in line with market prices for all types of products, while the volumes in physical terms remained unchanged.

After revising the data for 2017, the value added of the agricultural sector increased from 43.1 trillion soums to 91 trillion soums and, accordingly, GDP increased from 254 trillion soums to 302.5 trillion soums (+47.9 trillion soums due to agriculture, +0.6 trillion soums at the expense of other sectors). At the same time, as a result of this review, the GDP growth rate for 2017 decreased from 5.2% to 4.5%. Also, the share of agriculture in the sectoral structure of GDP increased from 19.7% to 34%, while the share of industry decreased from 27.2% to 22.2%, construction - from 6.9% to 5.7%, services - from 46.2% to 38.1%.

In order to ensure the comparability of data over time, GDP was recalculated for 2010–2016. When conducting retrospective recalculations, other components of GDP were clarified, in particular, such as net taxes on products, value added in industry and the service sector, which was connected with the alignment and consistency of data from the System of National Accounts with Government Finance Statistics.

In the process of revising the GDP, methodological support was also provided by IMF experts in the framework of the technical assistance mission on national accounts statistics from 4 to 15 March 2019.

Comparative table on the results of the revision of GDP  of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Nominal GDP,
billion  soums

GDP growth rate,
in % of the previous year

before revision

after revision


before revision

after revision



62 388,3

74 042,0

+11 653,7





78 764,2

96 949,6

+18 185,4





97 929,3

120 242,0

+22 312,7





120 861,5

144 548,3

+23 686,8





145 846,4

177 153,9

+31 307,5





171 808,3

210 183,1

+38 374,8





199 993,4

242 495,5

+42 502,1





254 043,1

302 536,8

+48 493,7




More details on the results of the revision can be found on the State Statistics Committee website at https://stat.uz/en/official-statistics/national-accounts/statistical-tables-national-accaunts.

In the future, the State Statistics Committee will continue to actively work on improving the statistical methodology, introducing new provisions of the modern system of national accounts, as well as regularly and in detail to highlight the ongoing changes in statistical data and the methodology for calculating them.

Information Service of the State Committee on Statistics


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