26 June 2019

These days, a delegation led by the Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics - Begalov Bahodir Abdusalomovich participates in the 67th plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) in Paris (France).

In this 67th plenary session, 127 representatives of delegations consisting of the first leaders and employees of statistical institutions of 54 countries of the world and more than 30 experts from 23 international organizations take part.

The Conference of European Statisticians is one of the oldest statistical agencies on a global scale, with its roots in the League of Nations and the first Conference of Statisticians in 1928. Over the past years, the Conference has played an important role in promoting statistical development in countries.

Currently, the Conference of European Statisticians is considering the results of in-depth reviews of international statistical work in the region of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. The reviews will consist of the coordination of the following. Basically, special attention is paid to the use of satellite image data in official statistics, statistics and data on cities, national statistical systems in the new data ecosystem, various types of satellite accounts and measurement of gender identity.

The members of this Conference of European Statisticians, which is holding in Paris, will also discuss international recommendations and leading sentiment indicators, as well as topical issues on the measurement of hazardous events and disasters, waste statistics, education statistics and on other important areas. In addition, in the course of the work, participants will share with international best practices and recent recommendations and achievements in the field of statistics.

We remind that the Conference of European Statisticians, which is holding in Paris, will complete its work on June 28 of this year.


Information Service of the State Committee on Statistics


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