01 June 2018


Inflation in the consumer sector Of the Republic of Uzbekistan for May 2018

In May 2018, goods and services in the consumer market increased by an average 0.8%. Prices for goods for the month increased by an average of 0.4%, services - by 2.1%.

In May of this year, the trend of outstripping growth in prices and tariffs for services in comparison with goods, which manifested itself in April of this year, remained.

Analysis of the effect of price changes on major groups over the past period showed that the increase in prices for goods ensured the increase in the composite consumer price index (CPI) by 0.3 percentage points (pp), services by 0.5 percentage points.

In specific indicators this can be represented in the following form:

The consumer price index for food products

Foodstuffs increased by 0.2% on average over the month, which ensured a 0.1% increase in the CPI.

Of the main groups of food products, the leader in growth and decrease in prices belongs, respectively, to fruit (4.8% growth) and vegetables (a decrease of 13.6%)

Of the other food products, the most significant is the increase in prices for soft drinks - by 0.9% and eggs - by 0.4%.

The level of average prices for other types of food products has not changed significantly.

Consumer price index for non – food products

In May this year, relative stabilization of the growth rates of prices for non-food products has remained. Over the month, prices for them increased by 0.6%, which led to an increase in the CPI by 0.2 pp.

The increase in prices for the main groups of non-food products is presented below:

The increase in prices for products of JSC JV UzBAT A.O. led to an increase in prices for tobacco products sold to the population.

In May 2018, prices for building materials continued to rise. Below are the most significant price changes in this group of products:

The change in the market in the fuel and lubricants market and the resulting increase in stock quotes led to an increase in the prices of propane and methane sold to the population through a network of gas stations (5.3% and 0.9%, respectively).

Of other types of non-food products, there was an increase in the prices of footwear and car parts - by 0.5%, clothes, kitchen utensils and appliances, communication equipment, printed products – by 0.4%, basic household goods and electrical appliances, carpets and carpets - by 0.2%. Along with this, on average 1.8% of TVs fell in price due to lower prices by domestic producers

Consumer price index for services

In May, services for the population on average became more expensive by 2.1%. This ensured the growth of the consolidated CPI by 0.5 pp.

The main influence on the existing index of consumer prices in the sphere of services was provided by the following tariff changes:

Tariffs for housing and communal services for the population for the month increased by 2.3% on average.

It should be noted that the fee for cold water supply and the sewage system increased in May of this year in all regions, except Navoi region, where this increase occurred in March. The most significant increase in fees was in Tashkent - by 22.4% and Kashkadarya region - by 20.4%, the lowest in the Syrdarya and Namangan regions - by 7.0% and 7.4%,

The changed tariffs for heating and hot water supply for the population have also been put into effect since May on the basis of declarations of increase of contractual tariffs of the territorial heat supply organizations "Issiklik manbai". The most significant was the growth of tariffs for heating and hot water supply in the Djizak region (by 34.6% and 34.5%, respectively) and in the Khorezm region (both tariffs increased by 22.7%). Minimal increase was in Samarkand region (both tariffs grew by 4.3%). In Navoi region, tariffs have risen since March 2018.

The contributions of members of private homeowners' associations for the maintenance of common property increased in six regions, with the most significant growth being in Surkhandarya region - an average of 1.7 times, and least of all in the Syrdarya region (on average 1.8%)

Passenger transport services for the month became more expensive by 2.3%.

Based on the decisions of the hokims of the Andijan, Namangan, Samarkand regions and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the fare paid for in city buses was increased in these regions. In Andijan and Namangan regions, the growth was 66.7%, Samarkand - 33.3%, the Republic of Karakalpakstan - 28.6%.

The reason for the decrease in the cost of travel in long-distance trains (for the month by 9.3%) was the depreciation of the Swiss franc relative to the national currency and a decrease in the indexation coefficient to the base tariff in several directions.

Airplane tickets on average became cheaper by 3.0%, which is due to the depreciation of the euro against the national currency.

Household services for the month became more expensive by 1.0%.

Of the other services of this group, prices and tariffs for bath and shower services increased by 2.9%, paid parking lots by 1.8%, repair of electrical equipment and housing by 1.0%.

Hotel services have become more expensive due to the increase in some regions of the cost of living in rooms. In such traditional centers of tourism of the republic, as Samarkand and Khorezm regions, this growth was noticeable (by 18.8% and 17.2%, respectively), while in Andijan region the increase was only 2.0%.

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