For January-August of 2018 in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the number of newly created enterprises and organizations amounted to 38,1 thousand, which is 7,6 thousand more than the same period last year.

14 September 2018 • 2018

According to the results of January-August 2018, the foreign trade turnover of the republic was 20,6 billion US dollars and increased, in comparison with the same period of the last year, by 18,5 %.

Turnover of retail trade in January-August of this year amounted to 81249,1 billion soums and increased compared with the same period last year, by 4,6 %, as well as turnover of large enterprises amounted to 10564,3 billion soums.

14 September 2018 • 2018

Currently, more than 207 thousand organizations and enterprises are involved in the service sector. The share of organizations and service enterprises in the total number of organizations and enterprises was 66,4%.

On September 10-14 this year in Tashkent, a training seminar on "The methodology of conducting a population census."

On September 5 of this year, in the State Committee on Statistics was held a meeting with representatives of the Asian Development Bank.

In August 2018, the average level of prices for goods and services rose by 0.3 % (January - inflation 2.7 %, February - 1.1 %, March - 1.1 %, April - 0.9 %, May - 0.8 %, June and July - deflation 0.4 % and 0.3 %). The inflation rate for January-August of this year was 6.2 %.

September 1 - Independence Day is the great historical date of our country's gaining independence, the appearance on the world map of a new, independent and sovereign state - the Republic of Uzbekistan, the realization of the centuries-old dream...

August, 2018 the meeting of the Analytical Group of Experts of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics was held.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on August 21-23, 2018 - the first three days of Kurban Hait will be widely celebrated in our country as a holiday.

On August 18-19, all citizens of our country took an active part in the hashar which organized for preparation to the 27th anniversary of the independence of our country and the worthy celebration of the Kurban Hayit holiday.

According to the results of January-July of 2018, the republic's foreign trade turnover amounted to 17.8 billion US dollars and increased by 24.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Retail trade turnover in January-July 2011 amounted to 68,958.4 billion soums. 

The volume of completed construction works for January-June of this year amounted to 24324.5 billion soums. The growth rate to the corresponding period of the previous year was 107.0%.

10 August 2018 • 2018

At present, the degree of development of the service sector has become a criterion for the progressive development of society.

 According to the preliminary data, in January-July 2018 enterprises of the country produced industrial goods for 113.1 trillion soums. the growth rate made up 110.7% compared to the same period last year.

For January-July of 2018 in the Republic of Uzbekistan the number of newly created enterprises and organizations amounted to 33.9 thousand, which is 6.3 thousand more than the same period last year.