Recently, the interest of users to the statistical information published on the official website of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics has increased.

In recent years, the country has consistently implemented comprehensive measures to develop tourism as one of the strategic sectors of the national economy, which ensures its diversification and accelerated development

If you look at the figures, then, according to preliminary data, in January-December 2018, the total volume of total income of the population amounted to 286.3 trillion soums, which, per person, averages 8.7 million soums.

24 January 2019 • 2019

In accordance with the State Statistical Work Program, the State Committee on Statistics has carried out a preliminary assessment of the gross regional product (hereinafter referred to as GRP) ...

22 January 2019 • 2019

According to preliminary estimates, the GDP of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2018 in current prices amounted to 407,514.5 billion soums and increased in real terms by 5.1%, compared with 2017.

According to preliminary data, total volume of of agriculture, forestry and fisheries production (services) in JanuaryDecember 2018 amounted to 199,537.4 billion soums.

According to the results of January-December 2018, the foreign trade turnover of the republic amounted to 33815.3 million USD and increased, as compared with the same period last year, by 27.3 %.

In 2018, in the regional context, the highest indicator of the number of newly created small enterprises and microfirms was in the Tashkent city

Development of the service sector in January-December 2018

In January-December 2018, the average nominal monthly wages in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Retail trade turnover at the end of January-December this year amounted to 131 768.2 billion soums and increased

18 January 2019 • 2019

Resident population: As of January 1, 2019, the resident population of the Republic of Uzbekistan was 33,254.1 thousand people and in 2018 increased by 597.4 thousand people, or 1.8%.

The volume of construction works for January-December this year amounted to 47260.7 billion soums.

In the reporting period, 107,333.0 billion soums were invested in fixed assets, of which 60.7%, or 65,142.4 billion soums were borrowed funds, as well as 39.3%, or 42,190.6 billion rubles. Sum - own funds of enterprises and organizations.

According to preliminary data, in January-December 2018, enterprises of the republic produced industrial output for 228.9 trillion soums, the growth rate compared to the same period last year amounted to 114.4%.

In January-December 2018, the number of newly created enterprises and organizations in the republic reached 55.0 thousand, which is 14.0 thousand more than in the same period of January-December 2017.