25 May 2020

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev sincerely, wholeheartedly congratulated all Muslims of the country, all the people with Ramadan Hayit and expressed his best wishes.


Ramadan, a month of good deeds, generosity and mercy, for centuries has occupied a special place in the spiritual life of our society. I think you will agree with me that this year during this holy period such noble qualities of our people as persistence, the ability to be thankful, the desire for spiritual purification, attention to those who need support, and the performance of good deeds were shown, the President noted.


In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, various trials and natural disasters that we had to endure, our courageous and persistent people showed the highest example of humanism, unity and cohesion that has been recognized by the world community. And we have the right to be proud of this, the Head of the state said.


President Shavkat Mirziyoyev once again expressed deep gratitude to the generous and responsive entrepreneurs and farmers, all compatriots of different professions and ages, who sympathized with some difficulties in performing the Ramadan rites caused by the quarantine this year, and are now actively participating in “Generosity and Support” Nationwide Movement.


Today, we, like all the peoples of the world, are going through a difficult time in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, I consider it important to recall one truth.


As stated in the Holy Quran, the Almighty calls on people to be patient and support each other in the days of trials: “Indeed, with every difficulty, comes relief”.


Indeed, over time, any adversity is left behind, they are replaced by joyful and bright days, and today thousands of our compatriots feel it – recovering from coronavirus infection and those who lost their homes due to natural disasters and return to normal life thanks to the help and support from the state and people.


The present difficulties will surely become a thing of the past, we still have many wonderful holidays, Hayits, which, I am sure, we will widely celebrate all together.


Undoubtedly, our courageous, noble and hardworking people, who have a strong will, will worthily overcome these trials and become even stronger and more stable.


Together, confidently and purposefully, we will continue the large-scale reforms for the comprehensive development of the country, which are in demand by the time itself, and will certainly reach the high targets we have set.


The President also sincerely congratulated people of the Muslim countries of the near and far abroad, wished them peace, welfare and prosperity.





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