22 May 2020

Within the framework of potential cooperation to support the development of open data in Uzbekistan, the online event, entitled “Open Data Uzbekistan Workshop Agenda” was held by experts from Open Data Watch with the support of the project coordinator of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Uzbekistan, for the experts of State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, On May 21 of this year.

Open Data Watch is an international, non-profit organization working at the intersection of open data and official statistics. Their work supports the implementation of change in the production and management of official statistical data. Open Data Watch created the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) to provide annual assessments of the coverage and openness of official statistics in countries around the world. By monitoring quality and opennessof data they can help thegovernments, international organizations, and citizens to solve the challenges of measuring and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The main purpose of the Remote Workshop on Potential Cooperation to Support the Development of Open Data in Uzbekistanis to discuss and explain and interpretthe following important topics:

  • Open data definitions and standards, the state of open data, and the benefits and challenges;
  • Special Topic-Open Data & COVID-19: The role and importance of open data during crisis;
  • A review of the ODIN methodology- how coverage and openness are measured, indicators and categories, basic scoring;
  • ODIN 2018/19 results and scores;
  • Short and long term recommendations based on ODIN 2018/19 results, including those that may be implemented before the ODIN 2020/21 assessment.

Organizational matters were considered and future tasks were identified for the implementation of the “On additional measures to ensure openness and transparency of public administration, and improving statistical capacity of the country”.

Also, at the end of the online event representatives agreed to continue in the future such events on actual themes.

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