30 April 2020

In our country, for the purposes of material and moral support, free assistance is provided to families who have remained at home in quarantine in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, pensioners who have lost breadwinners, people with disabilities of different groups and low-income people.

 In these difficult times, for our people, the leaders and specialists of the state statistics committee also visited low-income families and honorary employees who worked on the committee.

On April 30 this year, on the part of the committee, in order to provide social, material and spiritual support, some types of food products were delivered to more than 30 families.

At the very time of the month of Ramadan, and also on the threshold of May 9 - the Day of Remembrance and Honors, such charity events give compatriots hope and confidence in the future, gratitude to the Motherland and feelings of devotion to the profession.

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