25 August 2020

On August 18 this year, a webinar was organized at the State Statistics Committee to clarify the essence and content of the decree of the head of state No. PP-4796 “On measures to further improve and develop the National System of Statistics of the Republic of Uzbekistan” regarding the improvement of statistics in the service sector.

The event was attended by employees of the statistics department of the service sector of the State Statistics Committee, as well as responsible employees of territorial departments of statistics.

The webinar included a Q&A session on industry statistics. Employees of territorial statistical offices, in the process of answering questions, spoke in detail about the development of the service sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the volume of market services provided, the main indicators of services produced, financial, communication and information services.

In particular, according to preliminary data, the volume of market services provided in January-July 2020 reached 116 566.4 billion soums, and the nominal volume increased by 11 139.3 billion soums. In comparable terms, compared to the same period last year, the growth rate was 100.7%.

At the end of the webinar, achievements and shortcomings in the field were discussed, as well as suggestions and recommendations for increasing productivity in the process.

Information service


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