On March 7 this year, the Council on Spirituality and Education and the Trade Union Committee organized a festive event in connection with the International Women's Day - March 8 at the Agency of Statistics under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Director of the Agency for Statistics Begalov Bakhodir Abdusalomovich sincerely congratulated all women working in the agency on the holiday of March 8 - International Women's Day. He stressed that the state pays great attention to further enhancing and strengthening the role of women in society, strengthening their social protection.


At the event organized in connection with the March 8 holiday, the women were congratulated by the head of the personnel department of the Agency on Statistics, the chairman of the women's primary organization Zulhumor Talipova. She spoke about the comprehensive support of female employees, improvement of their social and economic situation and working conditions, large-scale work on gender equality, various contests and competitions among women.


After that, a festive event was organized for dear women, songs, congratulations and a sweet table, which added even more spring mood.


You are women, the personification of beauty and originality, love and devotion! May good luck, happiness, health and youth always accompany you!


May all your cherished desires come true, dear and beloved women!


With sincere and boundless respect,

                                Staff of the Agency of Statistics


Tugmani bosing Tinglash GSpeech