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In January-April 2021, the number of newly created enterprises and organizations amounted to 37,4 thousand units. Compared to the same period last year, this indicator increased by 8 242 units, and the growth rate was 128.3 %.

A positive contribution to GDP growth was made by the sectors of agriculture, forestry and fisheries - 0.4 percentage points. (in January-March 2020 - 0.5 p.p.), industry - 1.2 p.p. (in January-March 2020 - 0.6 p.p.) and the service sector - 1.1 p.p. (in January-March 2020 - 2.5 p.p.).

In our country, special attention is paid to promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population, attracting employees of state and public organizations, as well as all citizens to mass sports.