Indicator  Periodicity Publication time
 Gross domestic product Quarterly  16:00  25 (4-kv./18)
 Gross regional product Quarterly  16:00  25 (4-kv./18)
Gross domestic product Annaul  16:00  
Gross regional product Annaul  16:00  
 Consumer price index Monthly  16:00  10 (Dekabr 2018)
Producer price index for manufactured goods Monthly  16:00  10 (Dekabr 2018)
 Construction Monthly  16:00  18 (Dekabr 2018)
 Investments in non-financial assets Quarterly  16:00 18 (4-kv./18)
Foreign trade Monthly  16:00  21 (Dekabr 2018)
 Domestic trade Monthly  16:00  21 (Dekabr 2018)
Merchandise trade Monthly  16:00  21 (Dekabr 2018)
Volume of industrial production Monthly  16:00 23 (Dekabr 2018)
Manufacture of consumer goods Monthly  16:00 23 (Dekabr 2018)
Production of plant growing products Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18)
Production of livestock products Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18)
Livestock and poultry Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18)
Data on protected lands (Resource use) Yillik  16:00  
Data on fishery harvests (Energy use) Quarterly  16:00 30 (4-kv./18)
 Number of resident population Quarterly  16:00 31 (4-kv./18) 
Migration of population/td> Quarterly  16:00 31 (4-kv./18)
 The natural movement of the population Quarterly  16:00 31 (4-kv./18)
 Average monthly salary in the Republic of Uzbekistan Quarterly  16:00 31 (4-kv./18)
Number of resident population Annaul  16:00  
Migration of population Annaul  16:00  
 The natural movement of the population Annaul  16:00  
 Age and sex composition of the population Annaul  16:00  
Traumatism in the workplace Annaul  16:00  
 The number of economically active population by sex Annaul  16:00  
 Distribution of employment by ownership type Annaul  16:00  
Distribution of unemployed by sex Annaul  16:00  
Unemployment rate by regions Annaul  16:00  
 Economically active population by regions Annaul  16:00  
Distribution of employment by economic activity Annaul  16:00  
 Average monthly nominal accrued wages Annaul  16:00  
Movement of employees by type of economic activity Annaul  16:00  
The average monthly nominal wage in the Republic of Uzbekistan from 2000 to 2019. Annaul  16:00  
Total income of population Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18) 
 Consumption of basic foodstuffs, household consumption expenditures Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18)
Estimated number and average composition of households, provision of the population with durable goods, differentiation of the population according to the main source of income and unevenness of the population's incomes, annual Quarterly  16:00 31 (4-kv./18)
Estimated number and average composition of households, provision of the population with durable goods, differentiation of the population according to the main source of income and unevenness of the population's incomes, annual Monthly  16:00  
 Services Monthly  16:00 21 (Dekabr 2018) 
Transport Quarterly  16:00 21 (4-kv./18)
Communication Annaul  16:00  
 Transport Annaul  16:00  
 Services Annaul  16:00  
Information on crime prevention Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18) 
 Education Annaul  16:00  
Education facilities Annaul  16:00  
Education outcomes Annaul  16:00  
Health care Annaul  16:00  
 Health facilities Annaul  16:00  
Health outcomes Annaul  16:00  
 Reproductive health Annaul  16:00  
 Gender statistics Annaul  16:00  
 Culture Annaul  16:00  
 Tourism Annaul  16:00  
Science and innovation Annaul  16:00  
Social security Annaul  16:00  
 Social-demographic indicators (SDG) Annaul  16:00  
 Information on the state of crime in Uzbekistan Annaul  16:00  
 Main indicators of commercial banks Annaul  16:00 28 (2018) 
 Main indicators of insurance companies Annaul  16:00  
 Availability and movement of fixed assets and other non-financial assets Annaul  16:00  
Share of small business and private entrepreneurship Quarterly  16:00 25 (4-kv./18)
The indicators of USREO  Monthly  16:00 11 (Dekabr 2018)

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Presidential decisions are alive and in control

UzA | Aholini sinov tariqasida ro'yxatga olish ishlarining yakuni qanday kechmoqda?

Davstatqo'm | 2022- yil yanvar-fevral oylarida oziq-ovqat importi tarkibi

My profession is interviewer

Statistics of food imports of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The process of online population census has begun

4 regions are registered as a population in the test sector

Meeting with the participation of foreign experts on the processes of the trial population census

Meeting on registration of population with participation of foreign experts

The population census continues in a test mode

Foreign experts participate in the population census processes as test

Debriefing on the trial population census

Foreign experts gave recommendations on conducting a population census in a test mode

Foreign experts take part in the processes of Population Registration as a test

October 24-Election day of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Interview with Head of the State Committee on Statistics Kobil Berdikulov

Volume of services rendered in the field of communication and information

In November 2021, a trial population census will be conducted in 4 regions

Prospects for further development of the open data sphere

Uzreport TV press conference on the content of the law " on official statistics


Agency of statistics under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the primary coordinator and a major data provider for the Open Data Portal.


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uploaded data

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Testing activities on registration of population in the Republic of Uzbekistan were held on November 1-25, 2021 in 4 regions of the Republic: Khujaabad District of Andijan region, Yukhichirchik District of Tashkent region, Khiva city of Khorezm region and Yashnabad District of Tashkent City. The main events on the registration of the population are planned to be held in 2023 in the entire territory of the Republic




In accordance with the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly No. 70 adopted at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015, as well as to organize systematic work for the consistent implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Agenda until 2030 (hereinafter - the SDGs) On October 20, 2018, the Ministers approved 16 National Sustainable Development Goals and 127 related tasks for the period until 2030.









The Electronic Library of methodological materials, the systematized list of methodological statutes and decrees, the regulation of the issues of carrying out and organizing statistical observations are included.










The International Monetary Fund's Enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS) is the main source of information on a country's economic potential. The main economic, financial and some social indicators are published in accordance with the established requirements.

This page contains information provided not only by the agency of statistics under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also by other participants in the system, including the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and RSE “Tashkent”.









Gender statistics is the statistics that accurately reflects the real situation of women and men in all policy areas, to identify gender differences and their systematic study.








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