21 December 2020

At a meeting on measures to improve national statistics chaired by the head of state on June 1 this year, the issue of human resources was raised, and instructions were given to train and improve the skills of all specialists of the statistical system.


On the basis of a specific plan established by Goskomstat, a systematic training program for the staff of the central office of the committee and regional statistical offices was developed and approved.

Based on this schedule, online seminars were organized in June-July this year to improve the qualifications of the system's employees and further enhance their knowledge and capabilities in this area.

The next videoconference, organized on December 21, 2020 by the Office for Maintenance and Maintenance of the System of Statistical Registers, was a logical continuation of the capacity building of the system.


At the event, Goskomstat specialists studied the knowledge and potential of employees of territorial statistical offices in maintaining statistical registers and system services, methods of maintaining statistics of enterprises and organizations.

Head of the Department of Statistical Registers and System Services Nurbek Sheraliev presented his proposals for improving the qualifications of employees in the field.


Uring the videoconference, employees of the State Committee on Statistics and territorial departments of statistics exchanged views on the development of the system, discussing and analyzing the existing problems and shortcomings in the industry. The Goskomstat employees provided the employees of the territorial statistical offices with practical suggestions and recommendations.

Videoconferences of this practical importance are systematically organized by other departments of the State Committee on Statistics.

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