09 April 2021

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 11, 2020 No. 710, the population census in test mode is planned to be held from November 1 to 25, 2021 in the Khojaabad district of the Andijan region, the Yukori Chirchik district of the Tashkent region, the city of Khiva, the Khorezm region and the Yashnabad district of the city of Tashkent.


In this regard, in order to study the level of organization of census processes on April 8 this year, the Chairman of the CIS Statistical Committee V.L. Sokolin, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Statistics M.J. Ziyadullaev and employees of the Office for Organization and Conduct of Census Processes visited the Yashnabad region.



On the last day of the visit of the Chairman of the CIS Statistical Committee V.L. Sokolin at the State Committee on Statistics held a final meeting with V.L. Sokolin and deputy chairman of the committee M.J. Ziyadullaev. Proposals were made on the need to shorten the list of questions, taking into account the difficulties in filling out and processing the questionnaires.



It was emphasized at the meeting that the historical significance of the population census for the CIS region is determined by the following key points:

- for the first time in the last 30 years, population censuses will be held in all CIS member states;

- for the first time agreed with the statistical services of the CIS countries for inclusion in the programs of national population censuses, a list of indicators, wording of questions and methodological instructions for filling them out.

- This will make it possible to obtain comparable information on the volumes and flows of migration and the assessment of the total labor force of the Commonwealth countries, which is important given the active population movements within the CIS region;

- the technical methods of obtaining information from the population are expanding and different census methods are being combined. Modern means of information and communication technologies and digital methods of information collection will be widely used, including the use of electronic maps, electronic census forms, the Internet, in addition, administrative data sources will be used.



Following the meeting, the leadership of the State Committee on Statistics expressed gratitude for the visit to V.L. Sokolin.

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