09 April 2021

On April 8 of this year, on the basis of the schedule approved in accordance with Appendix 5 to Resolution No. 4 of the Republican Council for Working with International Ratings and Indices, the State Committee on Statistics organized a webinar for members of the working group, responsible employees of ministries and departments on the topic “Statistical Potential Index”.


At this webinar, the head of the International Cooperation and Relations Division of the Department of International Cooperation and Data Exchange D. Khamdamov made a presentation.

The report provides an explanation of the methodology for calculating the World Bank's Statistical Capacity Index.


In particular, detailed information was provided that the study and assessment of the statistical potential of countries has been carried out since 2004, the compilation of a rating based on 25 indicators in 3 main areas, the achievements of more than 140 countries in this area and the results of ongoing reforms to develop the National Statistical System.


After that, the webinar participants got acquainted with the results of the World Bank ranking at the end of 2020. It was especially noted that as a result of the work done in the Republic of Uzbekistan over the past 4 years, at the end of 2020, our country, gaining 67.8 points out of 100 possible, took the 61st place in the rating, as a result of which, compared to the 2016 report, it increased by 62 positions, and compared to the 2019 report by 16 positions.


Questions and answers were held with members of the working group of the Republican Council for working with international ratings and indices and the attached responsible representatives of all ministries and departments, as well as detailed explanations were given on all issues of interest to them.


At the end of the event, it was noted that such meetings will serve as an important foundation for the joint solution of issues arising in the course of activities, the search for solutions to problems, ultimately, achieving high levels.

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