29 March 2021

In order to mitigate the negative consequences of the global pandemic, Uzbekistan is taking measures to attract all segments of the population to regular physical education and sports, to develop the population's immune system against diseases, and to strengthen the promotion of healthy nutrition as a guarantee of a healthy lifestyle.


It is well known that, the government is taking consistent measures to strengthen social protection of the population and ensure the sustainability of the functioning of economic sectors during the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection.


At the same time, a number of practical works are being carried out in the system of state statistics bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan to promote the further development of mass sports, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.


In particular, on October 13, 2020, the State statistics Committee developed and approved “Program of measures for the development of mass sports and promotion of a healthy lifestyle”. Within the framework of this program, employees of the Central office and territorial administrations hold mini-football, gymnastics classes 3 times a week, and table tennis every Saturday. In the Central building of the Committee, a sports hall with sports equipment was renovated and the necessary conditions for sports were created. In addition, the system's employees are working to promote pedestrian and Bicycle traffic.


In the central building of the committee, a sports hall with sports equipment has been renovated and the necessary conditions for sports have been created. Also, the system of state statistics bodies prepares and distributes booklets and other information materials on promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition.


Also, on a regular basis, seminars and webinars are held for employees of the central office and regional statistical bodies, qualified specialists are involved in the further development of mass sports and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, compliance with sanitary rules in the context of a global pandemic.


The purpose of conducting these regular physical education and mass sports is to form a strong immune system against diseases in every citizen by developing healthy lifestyle skills, giving up bad habits, observing the principles of proper nutrition, systematic and effective organization of work to combat Covid-19, mass events on physical activity, which also contributes to improving the performance of employees.

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