26 May 2021

Dialogue with the people, organization of work, study of problems on the ground and search for their solutions on the basis of a new system developed at the initiative of the Head of State Shavkat Mirziyoyev - "Mahallabay" and "Fuqarobay", serve, first of all, to improve the welfare of the population.



Along with other ministries and departments, the State Committee on Statistics is actively involved in this process.

Within the framework of the national charitable hashar, the staff of the State Committee on Statistics and the Department of Statistics of the city of Tashkent organizes hashars in their free time.



In particular, the streets and ditches in makhallas were cleared of garbage and other waste by means of hashar.

Also, on the territory of the makhalla, trees were whitewashed, seedlings were planted. The working group provided computers to some makhallas of the region.



The study of the “Mahallabay” system of work, which is of such practical importance, continues.

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