09 April 2021

On April 9 this year, a joint video conference was organized between the State Statistics Committee and the Tashkent Financial Institute.

moliyaichi1090421The webinar was attended by representatives of the Department of Macroeconomic Indicators and National Accounts, as well as professors, researchers and students.moliyaichi2090421


Head of the Department of Macroeconomic Indicators and National Accounts Mamirov Aziz Otakhanovich presented information on the general concept of GDP, methods of calculating it, experience in calculating GDP in Uzbekistan and the main directions of improving the methodology for calculating GDP. He also spoke about the sources of data used in calculating GDP in Uzbekistan, the introduction of international classifiers, sources of macroeconomic indicators for users and cooperation with international organizations on improving GDP calculations.


After that, professors and students of the Tashkent Financial Institute asked questions on the topic. Many of them asked questions about the completeness of GDP coverage, improving the methodology for assessing the non-observed economy, introducing a discrete approach to the formation of quarterly national accounts, generating satellite accounts in national accounts, especially tourism satellite accounts, and the share of the digital economy in GDP. The representatives of the committee answered all the questions in detail.


The webinar, organized in the context of the current pandemic and taking into account the attention paid in our country to the development of the digital economy is important. Based on this, regular online meetings have been established, which are of practical importance for faculty, researchers and students.



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