Agency news

An event dedicated to the activities of the Primary Organization for Women's Issues and its role in the lives of women was organized in the department of statistics of the Kashkadarya region.

In January-March 2023, the volume of insurance services amounted to 1,496.6 billion soums, compared with the corresponding period in 2022, the growth rate was 128.2%.

According to the results of January-March 2023, the gross value added of industry in Kashkadarya region amounted to 2,319.6 billion soums and, compared with January-March 2022, increased by 3.2%.

In total, in January-April 2023, large enterprises in the Republic of Uzbekistan produced 5.9 thousand tons of pasta, compared to the corresponding period in 2022, the volume of production increased by 31.8 %. In April 2023, large enterprises produced 1.6 thousand tons of pasta.

As of May 1, 2023, according to the legal form, the largest number of registered enterprises are limited liability companies, and the dynamics of their growth in recent years was reflected as follows:

The share of small businesses in the Bukhara region in January-March 2023 in the total volume of cargo transportation by road amounted to 89.1%, respectively:

In January-March 2023, in the Andijan region, 1,186.9 billion soums, construction work was carried out by enterprises and organizations of non-state ownership.

In January-March 2023, a total of 3.7 trillion soums were disbursed in the Navoi region. soum investment in fixed assets.

As of April 1, 2023, the total resident population of the Tashkent region amounted to 3007.4 thousand people, an increase of 1.8% compared to with the corresponding period of 2022.

In January-March 2023, the total per capita income of the Namangan region amounted to 2.9 million soums, and the real growth rate compared to the corresponding period of the previous year was 109.9%.

On May 17-18 of this year, for the first time, the "Forum of Central Asian countries on the openness of the activities of state agencies" organized by the cooperation of the Anti-Corruption Agency and the representative office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Uzbekistan was held.

The economic reforms carried out in our republic serve the rapid growth of trade relations with foreign countries.

Statistical data is the most important tool for describing and managing socio-economic phenomena and processes taking place in society.

As part of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2025, the necessary measures are being taken to introduce advanced quality management systems into the national statistical system.

According to preliminary data, the volume of market services provided in January-April 2023 reached 132 973.0 billion soums. Compared to the same period in 2022 (117.2%), the growth rate was 111.6%.

On May 19, 2023, a presentation was held at the Agency on Statistics on the implementation of the methodology for the degree of urbanization level.

In April 2023, a total of 903 new construction companies were created, the share of which among the existing ones was 2.5%

According to the results of January-March of this year, the volume of market services provided in the field of law and accounting amounted to 285.8 billion soums, compared with the corresponding period of 2022, the growth rate was 133.4%.